Creative (adj) 1. Having or showing an ability to make new things and think of new ideas 2. Marked by the ability or power to create 3. Having the quality of something created rather than imitated

The definition of creative reads a bit like a design manifesto, doesn't it? New things! New ideas! Create rather than imitate! But it's the power to create within that definition that propels an idea from the proverbial cocktail napkin and makes it . . . real. This power to create is the difference between a great idea in your head and a tangible result that others can understand and appreciate. 

Ok, so creative-types may not always seem powerful but by unleashing an arsenal of research, brainstorming, ideation and simple "what-ifs"—our creative process defines what the problem is and offers strategic solutions. So whether it's the memorable branding that brings a new product to market or helping your business or organization communicate effectively to potential clients, Pearsall Creative provides design solutions to express your vision and stand out from the competition. 

And that gives your ideas power.  

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