Pearsall Creative was founded by Karin Pearsall, a graphic designer and branding consultant with a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and a Masters in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. After graduation from Pratt, Karin worked on-staff for firms including Landor Associates and Spring Design Partners before starting to consult independently in 2004. She was fortunate to work with a variety of notable NYC branding studios (Clark McDowall Brand Architects, DragonRouge, Sterling Brands to name a few) before making the move to Philadelphia in 2010 and starting Pearsall Creative. 

What we do

Pearsall Creative works hard (really, really hard) to provide innovative, strategic solutions in identity, print communications and packaging design. We truly take to heart providing design solutions that are "created rather than imitated" so there isn't a distinctive 'style' present in our body of work. Each project provides us with the opportunity to start from scratch and frankly, we find that challenge very exciting. 


We are delighted to work with companies in a variety of sectors. In the last year, we've worked with a small but fierce branding firm in NYC, a Philly-area advertising agency specializing in health and wellness brands, a major player in the private-label arena and an educational marketing agency based in Massachusetts. There is an amazing cross-pollination that happens creatively when you work on completely different projects and it truly keeps design fresh and interesting. One of the other benefits of working with smart people in different industries is continually being challenged and sharing expertise. Which brings to mind a quote we read recently: "If you ever find that you're the most talented person in the room, you need to find another room". We believe our collaborative approach serves us and our clients well and through partnership, we can achieve the most successful outcomes. 

In addition to the aforementioned areas of expertise, we have also been known to design billboards, posters, advertisements, book covers, annual reports, create brand guidelines, tradeshow exhibits, customize Constant Contact templates . . . even brainstorm taglines. Drop us a line, because even if we don't 'do' it, we can probably help connect you with someone who does.